Monday, June 20, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

Here are all the winners from the Beez Kneez Boutique BuzzTastic 2K Giveaway!  Congratulations to all!!  And, some of you are so lucky, you may want to play the lottery!!  Please contact the shop via Facebook to claim your prize!   Thanks again!  (BK means Beez Kneez) 

Shop Winner
A Pook and a Peep Katey Shine-Bishop
Amethyst by Design Becky Hensley
Angie's 31 Paula Brown
Annie Beth's barbara szewczuk
Arbonne barbara szewczuk
Baby Z Boutique colleen Hart Haight
Baltic Amber Baby krista goldsberry
BK 4th of July Bling Crystal Drumeller Garcia
BK blue dots Emily VanEssen
BK Bold Bow Legs amber ryder
BK gray pink cheetah Ashley Delaney
BK Gray Turq Cheetah Sarah Christovich
BK lime rainbow stripe Kendra Bisesi
BK Lime Turq argyle Tara Fleck
BK pastel rainbow stripe Meaghan McDermott
BK Turq Fucshia Jaymee Taylor Brown
BK turq stripe Karen Boyd
Bows and Such Jennifer Turner
bows by miss mandy cami smith coulson
Briar and Patch Jerre Thomas LaBanca
Brookealiscious Paula Brown
Cali Bows Bow Holder Nychole Ball
Cali Bows Marabou Jesaka Guillory
Christina's Creations eg kaufman 
ciao bambino Karen Hargis Foster
Cranky Cat Bib cassie jasso
Cranky Cat Pants/Dress Paula Brown
Discover Flavor pauletta horn
Discover Flavor Drink Angela Coffey
Discover Flavor Drink Sarahann Bowers Powell
emotive imagery AMANDA YOUNG BOGARD
Hair Brained Creations Andrea Skoog
High Heels and Boots Lyndsey Allen
Hope Stones jamie bishop kelsey
jgb knits Lisa Garner
K.G. Photography Gina Eckerle Hawkins
Kameli Shae Jessica Swisher McGhee
My Lil Munchkins Maribeth Reed Mrugalski
Nichole - Scentsy melissa    miller
Orange Moon Baby Amber Collier
Photo Jewelry Making misty  pierce
Pocket Full of Posies Ashley Delaney
Purely Silver Lauren Altimari Bolland
Stephs Custom Creations suzie losey
Stork Bows Boutique Shanna Uptergrove
Sturdy and Purdy Christina M Bollinger
Super Stitchery amber keller-beer
Tara Plays W Papers eg kaufman 
Tracey's Crafty Creations eg kaufman 
Uniquee Boutiquee Kirstin Whalen-Khan
Usborne Books Alison Lunsford
Vintage Charm Boutique Kerri Alexander
wecreationz Tameka Dunn
Your Forever Boutique Lisa Bradley

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